Pow Wow


Pow Wow is a design studio and
rental house based in San Diego, CA.
We create atmospheres.

Brit + Jeff's
Festival Wedding

Coordination + Event Design + Rentals

Sarah + Garrett's Lovefest

Coordination + Event Design + Rentals

Whitney + Tim’s
Hollywood Regency Wedding

Event Design + Rentals

We offer a range of services for you to
choose from to help you create a uniquely
one-of-a-kind event or space.

Rental Collection

We have a thoughtfully curated collection of furniture and decor to help you create a truly beautiful and unique event.


Styling a single point of impact, an unforgettable event, or a special space?

We do it all.


We specialize in planning and designing incredibly unique events: on or off the grid, festival-style, glamping, and wherever your imagination can take you.


We are artists and designers at heart. Let’s work together to create something amazing, whether for your event, home, or business.

Our Rental Collection

Pow Wow’s curated collection is home to hundreds of
one-of-a-kind, handcrafted furniture and décor items.