Sarah and Garrett’s goal for their wedding was to have their guests feel swept away by a full vacation-like experience. Less of a wedding, more of a 3-day party with hiking, yoga, games, and an opportunity to celebrate their love for one another as well as their family and friends. We worked with them to create an aesthetic that fit in with the desert vibe, creating unique art installations and stumble-uponable elements in the craggy topography. We work in the desert often; we understand its weather and landscape. We hunkered everything down and kept table settings low so the wind wouldn’t become an issue.  We lit the walkway from the festivities to the glamping tents with 12-ft solar lanterns which hung from custom teepee structures which glowed in the night sky. Our favorite aspect? The custom antique sweetheart cabana we built for Sarah and Garrett to hang out in during the reception dinner, created from an original Lawrence of Arabia cabana that we’d thrifted at the Rose Bowl.